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V's Dog Walking and Pet Care Services is NOW Offering a NEW one of a Kind Dog Social Service in Halton Hills ON

Introducing.... "PAWS SOCIAL"

PAWS SOCIAL is an EXCLUSIVE Monday to Friday, late afternoon Social Group experience for Dogs

where they are able to come together for a 30 min time period to RUN, FROLIC and PLAY in a PROFESSIONALLY Monitored Dog Park like environment.

PAWS SOCIAL has been developed for Dogs who have lots of energy to burn and could benefit from

the PHYSICAL and MENTAL stimulation of playing and socializing with like minded Dogs, and where

you the Dog owner don't have to fear the unknown of the Typical Dog Park Setting.

For more DETAILS send email to: [email protected]

Welcome Beloved Dog Owners,

My name is Vanessa. I am a Professional Dog Walking Service provider who is fully Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Police Checked. I am proudly serving HALTON HILLS, ON.

  When choosing a provider for your dog, EXPERIENCE matters! Dog owners need to think, "In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, does my Dog Walking Service provider have the required knowledge and expertise to perform such things as, Pet CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, or give appropriate First Aid Treatment? Do they have the necessary information on file in the event of a Vet emergency? Do they know proper correction and handling procedures in the event my Dog or another Dog acts out?"

I do! With over 15+ yrs of hands on training and experience and an utmost passion for what I do, I have what it takes to be the Ultimate Dog Walking Service provider for your Pooch! 

 I have dealt with many pet situations from sick animals who need plenty of on going care and attention, to animals that are harder to control such as dogs with aggression or control issues with tendencies to bite or growl.

I took part in an Obedience Training program where I corrected many dogs with obedience issues. With time, consistency, and dedication, my clients once disobedient pups where sitting and staying on command, no longer jumping up on people, and no more pulling of the leash taking THEM for a Walk!

I have experience in administration of all types of medications as well as my Pet CPR and First Aid Training.

If you're like me, your Dogs have become FAMILY members. You want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them, or even a little bit extra! That's exactly what I do here at V's Dog Walking and Pet Care Services, because I treat Dogs like FAMILY!

Here at V's Dog Walking and Pet Care Services, I offer Professional Dog Walking and Group Socialization Services. Dog walks are customized for your dog! I provide Private walks, Group walks, Let Outs and an exclusive Group Social Service.

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Rates and Service Details!

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